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Village to Village Foundation Introduces  
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SPC Ross A McGinnis Pay A Good Deed Forward Scholarship

Keeping Ross' spirit alive forever!

Donate now to the Ross A McGinnis Fund

"... It was a matter of simple
kindergarten arithmetic.
Four means more than

Thomas McGinnis

  Donate to Ross A McGinnis Fund

A scholarship for combat veterans serving in Iraq or Afghanistan (other combat war veterans considered) attending Butler Community College, Butler County PA, near Ross's hometown Knox, PA.  The scholarship investment lives forever to pay Ross' good deed forward.  Each year, Village to Village Foundation and Butler Community College awards $500 of interest earned on the invested funds to veterans to help pay cost of living needs (e.g. gas, babysitting, rent, etc.)  Village's initial investment of $5,000 needs to grow to $10,000 by 2017 to make it a self-sustaining fund. 

Donate today to keep Ross' good deed moving forward and alive forever!

You can:

1. Mail your tax deductible scholarship donation to: 

        Village to Village Foundation
        Post Office Box 245
        New Oxford, PA 17350


2.  Use the PayPal link below to make your tax deductible scholarship donation.


In Honor Of

Spc Ross A. McGinnis

The inspiration to create Village to Village Foundation came when the news of SPC Ross A McGinnis' (United States Army) heroic act was first heard of in December 2006. He is a young soldier who gave his life by using his body to cover a grenade; thereby saving four of his friends. Ross' unselfish and heroic action inspired the creation of this non-profit organization, to carry Ross' message forward. We are all in this together!

View His Video Below

   Silver Star




Medal of Honor


Our mission is to honor military heroes who have died for their country by generating name recognition, and be a champion for the courageous veterans who survived by generating funds and finding resources to support them as they cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

 You can help.  Donate to the

SPC Ross A. McGinnis Pay A Good Deed Forward Scholarship Fund


  SPC Ross A. McGinnis Pay A Good Deed Forward Token Program


Request a token and pay their good deeds forward!

Ross A McGinnis - Click here to read his token's journey!

Ross A. McGinnis

Jermey Drexler - Click here to read his token's journey!

Jeremy Drexler

 Nathan P. Brown - Click here to read his token's journey!

Nathan P. Brown

 Juan Campos - Click here to read his token's journey!

Juan     Campos

 Clint Story - Click here to read his token's journey!

Clint       Storey

Click on each token and read the stories from people who paid the token forward!  See how each veteran continues to touch our villagers lives.

Matthew Richard


 Contact us to start a token for your veteran.


Click on each token above to write your token story or to read the journey it is taking! 


 Hello Villagers!

It's getting close to Memorial Day Weekend and Rolling Thunder in Washington, DC.  We look forward to seeing all of our dear friends and to meeting new ones.

Stop by our booth and step out of the sun, wind, or rain!.  We will be there rain or shine. 

Since last year we started a second scholarship fund in honor of PFC Jeremy Drexler.  It is the PFC Jeremy Drexler Pay A Good Deed Forward Scholarship.  It is managed by Washburn Technical College in Topeka, Kansas, Jeremy's home town and where he attended some classes.  Help us raise $10,000 so we can award a $500 scholarship each year to a combat veteran attending Washburn.

We are also raising funds for the SPC Ross A McGinnis Pay A Good Deed Forward Scholarhship, which we started last year.  We contributed $5,000 to start the scholarship, but need to raise and additional $5,000.  It too will be able to earn enough interest each year to award a combat veteran a scholarship $500 who is attending Butler Community College in Butler, PA.

Help us help our combat veterans and their families.  Give today, so a veteran can have a better future!

We have received such great support and want to take a moment say thank you to all the volunteers and people who donated to Village To Village Foundation.  You share our vision and we thank you very much!

You have to reach for the stars to get to the tops of the trees!  The view is awesome!

Galynn Wilkins
Village to Village Foundation







 "The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short;
but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark."

Michelangelo Buonarroti
Italian architect, painter, & sculptor (1475 - 1564)



V2V is a 501(c)3


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The Village to Village Foundation (V2V) is a 501 (c) 3 organization meaning all contributions are fully tax deductible to the extent provided by law. We are managed by an all volunteer board with the help of all volunteer committees. By using all volunteers and seeking professionals whenever possible who desire to contribute their talents as donations, we are able to minimize our expenses. Our goal is to ensure your contribution will be used as efficiently as possible to accomplish the mission of V2V.
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