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We know it is not possible for everyone to do a deed as noble as giving their life for their country as have the fallen who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, we want to continue their noble actions by paying their deed forward and keep their spirits alive.

Therefore, PAY A GOOD DEED FORWARD program was created.


Do a good deed, an act of kindness, in honor of the fallen veteran and pass the token along; or pass it backward to someone who's done something nice for you. As good deeds are passed from person to person in honor of their veteran, they are saying their veteran's name, telling their veteran's story and keeping their veteran's name and spirit alive. Our website is set up so anyone receiving or paying forward their veteran's token can tell how they paid forward their token or received their token ...or how someone did a good deed forward to them.

Each Token will have a journey as it is paid forward and the veterans name and story is shared between the giver and receiver of the token.  Read the story of the journey the tokens are taking.

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Enter the VETERANS'S FIRST NAME as unique token code to write your story

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Please click on the veteran's name below to read the journeys of their tokens.

SPC Ross A. McGinnis - The soldier who inspired the creation of Village to Village Foundation because he demonstrated  "We all need each other. We are all connected."

PFC Jeremy Drexler - The soldier from Track Jeremy's Token JourneysTopeka, KS who visits his mother and leaves a dime to let her knew he is there for her.

PFC Nathan Brown - The soldier from NY who loved people and showed them by bringing his smile into their lives daily.

 SSG Juan Campos - He is sorely missed by his family.  Juan loved his "dream girl" and son Andre.  He never got a chance to meet his second child, but we are sure he is their guardian angel.

SSG Clint Storey - The soldier from Enid, Oklahoma, gave his heart and soul to his wife and family and his life to his country.  He was "the voice of reason" to many.  

CPL Matthew Richard - The marine who touched lives of many more than those he met in person.  He was born on April Fools Day, and his good humor kept everyone happy to be around him. 

The Village to Village Foundation (V2V) is a 501 (c) 3 organization meaning all contributions are fully tax deductible to the extent provided by law. We are managed by an all volunteer board with the help of all volunteer committees. By using all volunteers and seeking professionals whenever possible who desire to contribute their talents as donations, we are able to minimize our expenses. Our goal is to ensure your contribution will be used as efficiently as possible to accomplish the mission of V2V.
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